HRMS Solutions

HRMS Solutions

We partner with industry leading Hrms Software in middle east, ZETA HRMS. The product has attained great recognition in Middle East, UK and Southeast Asia. Our dedicated team has completed more than 50+ implementations across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman . We support industry leading partners in Zeta HRMS across Middle East.


Zeta HRMS from Zeta Softwares is the leading HR software, with best–in–class service and support, creating the ultimate HRMS user experience. Our next–generation HRMS users unmatched breadth and depth of functionality to manage your work force from applicant to retiree. The most comprehensive feature that can be found in ZETA HRMS is the core functionality.

Zeta HRMS is a Cloud (Web Based) Application providing those in HR division a comprehensive solution for workforce management and offering employees direct access to view and manage their own information. Data is hosted on the cloud and can be accessed by users using a thin client via a web browser.


HR Management

Accessing Fortune 500 functionality without the costs, risks and limitations of yesterday's solutions is easier than ever with Zeta HRMS. Employees benfit from the employee self service module in the solution.

Benefit Management

Zeta HRMS enables you to administer benefit plans and achieve your plan participation goals. With Zeta HRMS, you have instant access to accurate enrollment information. Self Service features save you time and empower employees to always see what the benefit coverage they have been allocated and can see into the details.

Loan Management

This module enables you to define and manage employee loan policies and their entitlement based on different parameters. Employees can request loans, which are then reviewed, approved, and converted to loan agreement which include terms of payment and the life of the loan. Loan payments are processed automatically through the payroll at the end of each pay period. Advances can also be managed similarly.

Leave Management

Zeta HRMS Leave Management module has a comprehensive and fexible leave management system to enabling manage leave requests according as per rules. This module is integrated with Payroll and ESS that allows to: Enter and cancel requests, view outstanding leave requests, view leaves balance, including current availed leaves and look-forward.

Time & Attendance

eta HRMS can help you streamline your absence tracking with Time-off management and potentially uncover cost savings for your organization. Using an integrated HRIS, identify reasons for unscheduled employee absences, reduce data entry time by pushing the responsibility for time reporting to the employee, and manage all areas of absence tracking and reporting.

Payroll Management

Zeta HRMS has a comprehensive payroll management that has seamless integration to Employee Attendance and Leave Tracking. Extensive and flexible payroll policy defnitions including earning policies, allowances policies, benefits policies, bonuses policies, commissions policies, deduction policies are available in the system

Employee Docs

Employee Docs module facilitates the capture, storage and retrieval of Employee related documents. This difficult manual work is made effortless and less time consuming with Employee Docs module. Unlimited number of documents per Employee can be attached and stored. The Index and Search functions allow to search and retrieve appropriate documents using keywords. This is a further step towards a paperless once and cuts down on physical storage space while allowing the document to be retrieved easily and quickly in just a few clicks. It supports multiple file formats and allows reprinting of the source document.

Asset Management

This module keeps all Assets under control and helps in allocating the Assets to employees, with close tracking. Assets loss and misplacement can be minimized effectively. Common employee assets thus allocated are Mobiles, Laptops, Keys, Vehicles and other work related equipments and tools.

Project Management

With Zeta configurable Employee Costs are attached to all project related activity to ensure true and complete cost analysis. Greater control, more accurate costing and greater competitiveness are possible within a system that was designed to exactly the way you do. Time and expenses towards projects, clients or any entity your business are closely monitored which can be integrated with Project management and Accounting. Time entry is easy with the extremely user friendly interface and can be done from anywhere with over an Internet connection. Employees can be assigned to projects who in turn can see in real-time the estimates as well as the actuals. These functionalities help to bring in reliable and consistent project planning, launching and delivery. It also helps in better resource utilisation.

Ess Management

Human Resource professionals are constantly challenged to improve efficiency and manage costs while meeting higher employee expectations for quality and suitable service. Zeta HRMS Employee Self-Service is helps organizations respond to this demand

Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is a part of guiding and managing career development. It is the process of obtaining, analyzing, and recording information about the relative worth of an employee to the organization. Performance appraisal is an analysis of an employee's recent successes and failures, personal strengths and weaknesses, and suitability for promotion or further training. It also judges an employee's performance in a job based on considerations other than productivity alone

Performance Evaluation

A truly powerful Performance Management process requires that employees, managers and HR professionals be connected for real-time collaboration and communication. Successful organizations align their employees performance objectives with organizational goals. The Zeta HRMS Performance Management Module helps you create meaningful performance reviews for your employees. The entire process is completely paperless allowing for HR, Managers and Employees to track progress against goals and monitor the review cycle. Additionally, it helps HR professionals to better service managers by putting performance information at their fngertips to identify professional growth opportunities and employee retention and satisfaction strategies.

Training Management

The Zeta HRMS Training module enables you to schedule, track and report on employee training. It saves your time and gives you complete, real-time visibility into the performance of your training programs. Set up an unlimited number of user groups based on job titles, departments or roles and avoid tedious individual entries by easily assigning a predefined library of courses for each. Access all of your training metrics in real-time from a secure, web-based platform. Past course information including legacy data can be easily imported into the system which makes implementation quick and reporting complete.


Recruitment aims at sourcing and maintaining adequate supply of manpower based on the needs of the organization. It is the one of the critical function of any Personnel department. This means the discovery of sources of manpower and tapping of the same so that the potential employees are properly evaluated to fill up the vacant position in the organization.

We provide outsourced staff in major platforms like below-
  • • Oracle Functional & Technical Consultants
  • • SAP Functional & Technical Consultants
  • • Oracle Apps Database Administrator
  • • SQL Database Administrator
  • • .NET developer
  • • Java develop
  • •, PHP developers

As one of the fastest growing companies in the region, with a diversified workforce, we needed a sophisticated and flexible HRMS solution.

We are fully satisfied with the Zeta HRMS as it can meet all our requirements.

Shaji Thomas

Managing Director, Blossom Inners (P) Ltd.

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